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Easy Customization
StreamBit is extremely modular and can fit the needs of any business. Currently we have packages built for general video, private tutoring / teaching and gaming. StreamBit is built to scale and is perfect for one person or an enterprise.
Video Propagation
Advanced Features to allow you to upload your content to multiple platforms. StreamBit can handle all your content across all platforms for you.
Live Chat
Chat live with your viewers or have one on ones.
Absolutely essential to our business is helping you achieve the best results for your business. Phone Support / E-Mail Support is available.
Reporting & Analytics
We feature robust and tested reporting capabilities to ensure you're always in the loop with how your videos / streams are being watched.
Social Media
Advanced Features allow us to notify your social media channels whenever you go live or upload content

Perfect Dashboard

View of content served straight to your viewers.

Full Browse & Discovery

We empower your browse page to be about whatever topics you'd like. Want to do gaming? Load in thousands of games. Want it about dogs? Everything can be changed to suit your business


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  • 5 Video Upload Limit
  • 1 Concurrent Stream Limit
  • Cloud Hosted
  • 5 Viewers

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  • 30 Video Upload Limit
  • 1 Concurrent Stream Limit
  • Cloud Hosted
  • 100 Viewers

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  • Unlimited Video Limit
  • 5 Concurrent Stream Limit
  • Integrations with SSO Platforms
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Dedicated Hosting

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  • Unlimited Video Limit *
  • Unlimited Concurrent Stream Limit *
  • Team Collaboration
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Priority Telephone Support
  • Bespoke Integrations
(*) Negotiable

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